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Empowering Women and Preventing Gender-Based Violence

Sisters in Arms Nonprofit is dedicated to protecting women and girls from violence. As part of our outreach and ongoing services, we provide support to beneficiaries in various parts of the world, we host conferences, workshops, and training classes that are focused on violence prevention, violence restoration and women empowerment. We offer free classes in several concerning areas such as sexual assault prevention, mental health, and substance abuse. All of our training and workshops are delivered by licensed clinicians. Get in touch with us to learn more.


About Us

We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, and our directors, advisors and partners resides  in Florida, Jamaica West Indies, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and Virginia. We partner with other nonprofit organizations that are aligned with a similar mission and vision of violence prevention and violence restoration. We embrace the African philosophy of "Ubuntu" that pushes us into our divine humanness, and calls for us to serve others. Our message is simple, “Humanity for Humanity, My Sister Your Sister.”

Meet us at Our Annual Conference. Sisters in Arms Empowerment Movement (SIAEM) Conference. 

A conference for every woman who understands the value of a sisterhood and for every woman wanting to know what that value is.

For our mothers, sisters, and friends. For thinking women seeking a weekend to renew relationships, or begin new connections...This weekend promises to do both


Meet the Founder

Andrea Mckie founded Sisters in Arms Nonprofit and Sisters in Arms Empowerment Movement LLC. She is a retired United States Navy Chief Petty Officer with countless years in violence prevention, mental health and substance abuse. Born in Kingston Jamaica, the daughter of a Pastor and a remarkable mother. Her father passed away in 2015, but he remains the voice in her heart, calling her to service. It is this voice and the spirit of a mother that understood how to teach girls to survive many battles, that brought her to this place. Her goal is for everyone to understand; sometimes the message is simple but the heart that delivers it, is enormous. 

“Never wait for anyone to have your dream. You may invite them in to share it but no one can dream what is purely inside of you.”

“It is not a question anymore of why I am is a celebration that I am and God can.” 

"I waited for the right time to begin, but it never came; so I went to meet it instead only to find out that the right time is now."


Mission Statement

Our Mission

Promote gender equality, violence prevention, and violence restoration through sustainable initiatives and worldwide partnerships that support and shape the lives of girls and women in underserved communities.

Our Vision

An inclusive world where women and girls are empowered and safe to live out their full potential.

Our Values

Support women, empower women, elevate women to birth a better life.

What We Believe

Within the military services, Sisters in Arms speaks of women who have broken down barriers, stepped into crucial roles within the service such as combat. This term no longer suited solely for women in the military as we look at the barriers that have been demolished throughout history by women, especially women of color. This invisible force is the other armed force that continues to produce Great Leaders, Spiritual Giants, and Visionaries to leave a statement of their existence; to bring light to those they serve. 

Together our connectedness is greater than any one who enters on this journey believing they are alone.

We believe life's purpose is to build a creative future for all. We grab hold of the African philosophy of “Ubuntu” which translates to “I am because you are" 

The values etched in "Ubuntu" emphasize caring, sharing, reciprocity, Co-operation, compassion, and empathy. It tells us that in order for human beings to develop, flourish, and reach their full potential they need to conduct their relationships in a manner that promotes the well-being of others.

 We believe in building a community of women that reflects the best of who we are. 

Without apologies or shame we have fought great battles in our lives. We have been pruned and now the fruits of who we are is ready for sharing. 

Sisters in Arms Empowerment Movement (SIAEM) is a celebrating and empowering dance to move us into visibility and into the lives of all our sisters. Annually, we bring a reminder in the form of our conference and Black Diamond Gala.


Send Your Donations

your donation will bless those who receive and certainly the heart that gives. Every Blessing Brings a Blessing. 



“WHAT AN AWESOME EVENT! So glad I came. It was a pleasure meeting you! God bless you as you continue to do great works with Sisters In Arms Empowerment Movement.” -C Margo

“This event was truly AMAZING Andrea. All of your hard work and the work of your team is demonstrated here. So happy for you and honored to be part of this movement.” -Rhonda

“Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it and opening the opportunity for all of us to RISE TO SIGNIFICANCE.” -Sheniqua

“I was so honored to be a part of t’his amazing event.” - Marianne

“This conference not only educated us but it brought a bunch of strangers together. We shared, we cried, we laughed and felt more connected for it. This is only the beginning with greater things to come. I am excitedly awaiting to see this movement go global and change the lives of many!” -Maxine

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