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Become a Sister in Arms

Become One of Our Members

At Sisters in Arms Nonprofit, our members are the most vital parts of our efforts to bring sustainable change to our world. Creating partnerships brings us closer to positively affecting the lives of women and children everywhere.

The scourge of violence can never be fought without many hands raised in the battle, nor can a story create change if no one is willing to tell it. This is why we are inviting you to be a “Sister in Arms for Humanity.” Contact us in Florida or in other our offices to send your application.


Sisters in Arms Membership

With only $55.00 per year, you can be member of Sisters in Arms Nonprofit and receive the following:

  • Quarterly SIA Member E-Newsletter

  • Reduced Registration Fee for Sisters in Arms Empowerment Movement Conference

  • Sisters in Arms Empowerment Movement Merchandise and Publication Discount

  • Membership Certificate designating your affiliation/partnership with Sisters in Arms



The Logo

In the space of my mind, she sits quietly now

and her words whisper a message that seems distant from where I find me today

Is she gone forever I wonder out loud

and will I lose what I once remembered

will my moment and hers find no reflection that meets

as this evening air seeps into my window

But then she wakes and stands up inside of me

forcing me to take hold of every detail of her existence

she demands I turn and face what I see

and call it all to attention

It is me standing there I have not disappeared

I can hear my voice vibrate with each expression

and now unsure is revealed with a thunder

In every woman these two exist joined together in one being

She is The Warrior and she is The Queen

and it's now time for this Black Diamond to rise


Dr. Kieron Brown

The promise of empowering women is also the call to engage men

Sisters in Arms Corporation

Thank you for your membership in the Sisters in Arms Nonprofit Corporation. As a member of  our organization, you are part of a team that seeks to bring wholeness in the lives of women and girls, and make safe their journey. We ask that every member invest in their communities, and tell us how we can further be of assistance, reach out to us. 

Complete your membership application form below and press submit:


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