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Our Projects and Initiatives

A Hundred Lives

“If one can bless one hundred then 100 can bless 10 thousand”

In our local community, there are countless women and children living in shelters as a result of domestic violence and rape. There are homeless women veterans that served their country, but no longer have a place to rest. Women in underserved areas live and die every day, and the world never knew their name. Our aim is simple, we call these women blessed as we are blessed when we are given the privilege to serve them. We are dedicated to reaching out to these women to empower them and bring choice back into their lives or for the first time. We are only as good as the great things we do in this life.

Through initiatives that provide basic needs to strengthen the lives of these women and offer support throughout their time of transition, we partner with other organizations to provide such items as:

  • Clothes and shoes for work 

  • Books and school supplies for Mother and Child

  • Workshops surrounding "Building a Vision for the Future"

  • Fundraisers that provide local getaways/gift cards

  • VIP Invitation to Sisters in Arms Empowerment Movement Conference 

  • Substance abuse and mental health counseling and referral services

  • Basic resources for living (through our partnerships)

  • Medical exams such as mammograms, pap smears, and immunizations ( through our partnerships)

  • Alternative housing placements (through our partnerships)

God's Blessings


Who we are:

A self- help life affirming support group designed for women whose children have journeyed through this life before them.

We believe the gifts belonging to every human life, no matter how brief, remains beautifully etched in our memories to relive, to treasure, and share again and again. This represents God’s promise to never leave or forsake us.

Our goal:

The goal is to reclaim the joys of motherhood through the sharing of our stories to provide the bridge to move women from the emptiness of loss and connect them to each other, to others and themselves again.

We create the balm of healing circle for all mothers to share their child’s story, the moments that continue to make them smile-even if just for a little while.

Our children’s stories elevated to the heavens while grounding us on earth is the direction of this group. Women can share or chose just to listen to Mothers in their circle that are ready to share their journey.

In examining life and loss, my friend Vernon Buntin said it best, “it’s like the gifts we receive at Christmas, although beautifully wrapped, it is only after we open the package and go inside the box, the real gift is found. The times shared, the experiences, and all we laughed and cried about, is our precious gifts”

United Caribbean Association

Sisters in Arms United Caribbean Association (UCA)Project

A force organized to bring violence prevention and violence restoration services to women and girls in the Caribbean and selected countries in Africa where we have joined in partnership . We offer free workshops, training, educational assistance and Bystander  Intervention training. We take a holistic approach in responding to underserved communities.

Our goal over the next 5 years will be to train facilitators, on every Caribbean island and selected countries in Africa to provide bystander intervention training to various entities, from the class room to the board room and beyond.

Ambassadors in each location ensures there is always adequate trainers available to train others.

Book Project

Each contributing author will receive 25 copies of this compilation. June 2020 during our Sisters in Arms Jamaica Summit, 100 women will be given this honor of their lives, we will bless them.

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